Table 1

Baseline characteristics of both groups used for the 8-year radiographic comparison

Male (%)Age (years)Symptom duration (years)HLA-B27+ (%)CRP (mg/dl)BASDAI (0–10)BASFI (0–10)mSASSS (0–72)Mean number of syndesmophytes
aTNF (n=22)64%39.2±7.615.8±8.591%2.6±2.06.2±1.45.3±1.513.2±17.63.6±5.8
HC (n=34)85%50.0±11.520.7±5.765%2.0±1.64.3±1.43.4±1.514.2±13.83.7±1.0
p Value0.063<0.0010.0310.028<0.001<0.001<0.0010.2540.157
  • Although there were differences in the clinical characteristics between the cohorts, the radiographic status of both groups was not different at baseline.

  • aTNF, patients treated with infliximab over 8 years in the DIKAS cohort; BASDAI, Bath ankylosing spondylitis disease activity index; BASFI, Bath ankylosing spondylitis function index; CRP, C reactive protein; HC, patients not treated with anti-TNF from the Herne Cohort; HLA-B27, human leukocyte antigen B27; mSASSS, modified Stokes ankylosing spondylitis spinal score.