TableĀ 3

Impact of the recommendations on the practice of rheumatologists of the Evidence, Expertise, Exchange (3e) Initiative

Recommendation (number and topic)The recommendation will change my practice, %The recommendation is in full accordance with my practice, %I do not want to apply this recommendation in my practice, %
1. Diagnosis7.588.73.8
2. Comorbidity screening27.460.811.8
3. Acute gout7.588.73.8
4. Lifestyle18.577.83.7
5. Urate-lowering therapy18.979.21.9
6. Flare prophylaxis13.269.817.0
7. Effect of comorbidities on drug choices17.081.11.9
8. Monitoring16.779.63.7
9. Tophi31.564.83.7
10. Asymptomatic hyperuricaemia9.880.49.8