Table 3

Baseline characteristics

AllRheum.Shared careNursing
Age (year)63(54–69)61(55–69)63(56–69)63(53–70)
Marital status
 (<11 year)232807874
 (≥11 year)55171820
Post-high school educational level
 College degree98323729
Disease duration (year)7(4–13)7(4–13)8(4–16)7(4–13)
 Two or more83343118
IgM rheuma-factor ±209/7867/3071/2571/23
Anti-CCP ±161/6353/2553/2055/18
Erosions (hands or feet)165/27851/9256/9658/90
  • Note: Characteristics reported in numbers for all participants and split by study group. Disease duration is reported in median years and IQR. ‘School’ reflects years of schooling from 0-high school level whereas ‘Post-high school educational level’ reflects third level education. ‘Comorbidities’ reflects the reported number of 17 other chronic diseases. ‘Erosions’ reflects the number of patients with erosions identified from x-rays of hands and feet at baseline. Anti-CCP, anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody.