Table 2

Final core set of domains and tools defined by the Delphi survey

ClinicalDyspnoea (excluding other underlying causes of dyspnoea, not related to pulmonary hypertension):
 Progressive dyspnoea over the past 3 months
 Unexplained dyspnoea
 Worsening of WHO dyspnoea functional class
Right heart failure without apparent aetiology:
 Any finding on physical examination suggestive of elevated right heart pressures (jugular venous distension, accentuated P2, TR murmur)
 Any sign of right heart failure
EchocardiographysPAP >45 mm Hg
Dilation of right ventricle
Pulmonary function testsDLCO <50% without pulmonary fibrosis
  • DLCO, diffusion lung capacity for carbon monoxide; sPAP, systolic pulmonary artery pressure; TR, tricuspid regurgitation.