Table 1

Main features of a series of 104 patients with rheumatoid arthritis without cardiovascular events

VariableCategoryNumber (%)
SexWomen73 (70.2)
Rheumatoid factorPositive61 (58.7)
Anti-CCPPositive60 (57.7)
Rheumatoid factor and/or anti-CCPAt least one of them positive75 (72.1)
Presence of extra-articular manifestations*Yes17 (16.4)
SmokingYes42 (40.4)
Carotid intima-media thickness >0.90 mmYes17 (16.4)
Carotid plaquesYes77 (74.0)
CACS>100Yes21 (20.2)
VariableMean (SD)
Age at the time of the carotid ultrasonography assessment (SD), years59.3 (10.3)
Disease duration (SD), years10.8 (8.3)
Systolic blood pressure (SD), mm Hg135.6 (19.9)
Diastolic blood pressure (SD), mm Hg78.9 (8.1)
Total cholesterol (SD), mg/dL215.2 (43.6)
HDL-cholesterol (SD), mg/dL63.4 (19.2)
Atherogenic index (SD)3.62 (1.11)
SCORE† (SD)2.30 (2.53)
Modified SCORE‡ (SD)2.78 (3.28)
Carotid intima-media thickness (SD), mm0.75 (0.16)
  • *Extra-articular manifestations: Secondary Sjögren's syndrome in eight cases, nodular disease in six patients (one of them with pulmonary nodules), pulmonary fibrosis in three patients, pleuritis/pericarditis in three cases, peripheral neuropathy in one case and Raynaud's phenomenon in one case.5

  • †According to SCORE for the general population.23 ,24

  • ‡Modified SCORE for rheumatoid arthritis: according to the EULAR recommendations.8

  • CACS, Coronary Artery Calcification Score; EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; SCORE, Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation.