Table 5

Patient safety measures

VariableTotalRheum.Shared careNursing
Compliance <90%54152712
Out-of-range blood-tests81312525
Missing relevant reaction on out-of-range tests15474
Total number of alerts2168779652737
Side effect alerts396156114126
Initiated biological treatment6240
Died (0–2 years)7403
Telephone consult.277929590
  • Note: Quality measures for all participants and split by study group concerning monitoring side-effects, disease activity, physical disability and number of patients who initiated biological treatment during the 2 years due to high disease activity. Compliance is reported as the number of patients having blood tests taken at the planned intervals in at least 90% of the planned times. Alerts are reported as the number of times the patients increased in RADAI or HAQ score above the defined levels and the number of patients who experienced side effects from the pharmacological treatment. The number of telephone consultations for each group including calls from the nurses due to alerts in the shared care is reported.

  • HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; RADAI, Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity Index.