Table 2

Study and baseline patient characteristics

1. Quantitative evidence
StudyDiseaseTotal Population No.Women %Age, mean (SD)/median (IQR), yDisease duration, mean (SD)/median (IQR), yearDisease activity,* mean (SD)MTX%AZA/MCP %CST %Other IS %No IS %BiologicalPosology
Objective 1
 Wolbink 200612RA518256† (13)12† (9)6.0 (1.3)86nana86INFInd‡+3 mg/Kg q8w
 Radstake 200919RA347956† (10)na5.7 (1.0)41na26059ADL40 mg q2w
 Radstake 200919RA358657† (10)na5.6 (1.2)100na2900INFInd‡+3 mg/Kg q8w
 Pascual-Salcedo 201114RA858154† (14)na5.5 (1.3)34na74181INFInd‡+3 mg/Kg q8w
 de Vries 20073AS383140† (10)na6.4 (1.2)0na816naINFInd§+5 mg/Kg q6w
 Hoffman 201126Ps2945nana14.7(10)24nana7naINFInd§+5 mg/Kg q8w
Objective 1 and 2
 Bartelds 200720RA1217953† (13)12† (10)5.3 (1.1)79na341220ADL40 mg q2w
 Bender 200721RA156756† (8.1)12† (8.2)6.5 (1.2)670100727INF40 mg q2w
 Bartelds 20112RA2728154† (12)8¶ (3–17)5.2 (1.2)74na91 (33)19 (7)19ADL40 mg q2w
 Lecluse 201025Ps293144 (11)22 (na)15.5(na)10nanana0ADLInd**+40 mg q2w
 West 200822CD307736†† (21–73)nana135 (17)13057ADLInd‡‡+40 mg q2w
StudyDiseaseTotal population no.Female %Age, mean (sd)/median (IQR), yearDisease duration mean (sd)/median (IQR), yDisease activity,* mean (SD)MTX %AZA/MCP %CST %Other IS %No IS %BiologicScheme
1. Quantitative evidence
Objective 1 and 2
 Steenholdt 201123CD/UC1065430–41§§3–10§§na 762 120 (19)naINFInd§+5 mg/Kg q4–12w
 Plasencia 201224SpA944450 (11)na3.1 (1.3)22na422723INFInd§+5 mg/Kg q6w
Objective 2
 Baert 20034CD1256635†† (17–73)na260†† (0–575) 24542na14INF5 mg/Kg SD or Ind§+5 mg/Kg OD
 Vermiere 200732CD1746139†† (18–73)nana29 37na034INF5 mg/Kg SD or Ind§+5 mg/Kg OD
 Afif 200933CD/UC1555539†† (26–50)14¶ (na)na 83710042INF5 mg/Kg SD or Ind§+5 mg/Kgq8w
 Maini 199835RA297251† (na)10† (na)6.75205500INFInd‡+3 mg/Kg q4w
 Bartelds 201034RA2357953† (12)9¶ (4–17)5.2 (1.2)82na34nanaADL40 mg q2w
2. Qualitative evidence
Objective 1
 Van Kuijk 201028PsA223643†† (21–61)6¶ (1–18)4.9¶¶ (0.3)55nanananaADA40 mg q2w
 Adisen 201031Ps154738–74§§30–40§§11–36§§nana27na naINFInd§+5 mg/Kg q8w
 Jamnitski 201229RA2928253† (13)8¶ (3–16)5.2 (1.3)76na2836naETA25 mg biw or 50 mg qw
 Hoshino 201230RA408860.5¶ (23–80)6.5¶ (1–45)5.4 (3.1–8.1)58085180 ETA25 mg biw
 De Vries 200927AS532541† (11)na6.4 (1.3)nananananaETA25 mg biw or 50 mg qw
  • *DAS28 for RA and PsA patients, ASAS 20 or ASDAS for SpA and AS patients, PASI for Ps patients.

  • †Mean (SD).

  • ‡Induction dose of 3 mg/kg at 0, 2 and 6 weeks.

  • §Induction dose of 5 mg/kg at 0, 2 and 6 weeks.

  • ¶Median (range/IQR).

  • **Induction dose of 80 mg at wk 0 and 40 mg at wk 2.

  • ††Mean (range/IQR).

  • ‡‡Induction dose of 160 mg at wk 0 and 80 mg at wk 2.

  • §§Range.

  • ¶¶Mean (SEM).

  • ADA, anti-drug antibodies; ADL, Adalimumab s.c.; AS, Ankylosing Spondylitis; ASAS, Ankylosing Spondylitis; ASDAS, Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Score; AZA, Azathioprine; biw, twice a week; CD, Crohn's Disease; CST, Corticosteroids; ETA, Etanercept s.c; INF, Infliximab i.v.; IS, Immunosuppression; MCP, 6-Mercaptopurine; MTX, Methotrexate; na, not available; OD, on demand; PASI, Psoriasis Area and Severity Index; Ps, Psoriasis; PsA, Psoriatic Arthritis; qw, every week; qXw, every X weeks; RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis; SD, single dose; SpA, Spondyloarthritis; UC, Ulcerative Colitis; wk, weeks.