Table 5

Frequency of reasons for seeking medical help in female and male patients and in patients in different age categories

GenderAge categories
FemaleMale<40 years40–60 years>60 years
Reasons for seeking medical help; Because…
 The symptoms suddenly occurred25.832.835.424.127.2*
 The symptoms were getting worse68.858.6*69.066.362.0
 More symptoms occurred41.129.0*36.743.029.9*
 I worried about what could be wrong39.248.4**
 I worried I might have had a joint inflammation35.238.232.935.639.7
 I worried I might have had a joint inflammation and I heard/read that you have to act quickly13.117.212.713.716.8
 Due to my symptoms, I was unable to do things35.933.338.035.632.1
 I wanted to ask for a painkiller15.516.710.814.821.7*
 My family/friends thought I should go23.020.432.917.420.1*
Reasons for postponing seeking medical help; Because…
 I was unable to go sooner1.
 I wanted to wait and see43.741.453.843.732.6*
 The doctor could not see me sooner1.
 It seemed like it was getting better6.310.
 I thought it would go away by itself39.239.851.339.329.3*
 I thought nothing could be done about it7.
 I thought I wouldn't be taken seriously4.
 It didn't seem serious12.412.418.411.58.7*
 I was afraid it might have been serious3.*
 I asked somebody else to look at it first4.
  • Data are expressed as %.

  • *p Value < 0.05.