Table 2

The association between MetS and PsA versus PsC by logistic regression analysis (n=355)

Univariate modelMultivariate reduced model
CovariateOR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Group: PsA vs PsC1.51.0 to 2.50.0571.71.0 to 2.70.04
Age: 10 years increase1.51.3 to 1.9<0.0011.61.3 to 2<0.001
Sex: male vs remale1.30.8 to 2.00.27
Race: Caucasian vs others1.00.6 to 1.90.93
Alcohol consumption
 Social vs none0.70.5 to 1.10.21
 Daily vs none1.00.4 to 2.10.94
PASI: 10 unit increase1.40.9 to to 1.90.02
Smoking status
 Current vs never0.60.3 to 1.30.21
 Past vs never1.20.7 to 2.00.49
  • MetS, metabolic syndrom; PASI, psoriasis area and severity index; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; PsC, cutaneous psoriasis without arthritis.