Table 2

Association (n=1411 hips) between cam impingement parameters and end-stage osteoarthritis (n=39) at 5-year follow-up

Cam impingement parameterNo end-stage osteoarthritis at follow-upEnd-stage osteoarthritis at follow-upUnadjusted OR (95% CI)Adjusted OR* (95% CI)
Radiographicα Angle >60°n=139/156n=17/1566.82 (3.55 to 13.10)3.67 (1.68 to 8.01)
Referent group ≤60°n=1233/1255n=22/1255
α Angle >83°n=42/56n=14/5617.71 (8.71 to 36.02)9.66 (4.72 to 19.78)
Referent group ≤83°n=1330/1355n=25/1355
ClinicalHip internal rotation ≤20°n=200/223n=23/2239.34 (4.66 to 18.71)7.13 (3.38 to 15.04)
Referent group >20°n=1172/1188n=16/1188
Combinedα Angle >83° and hip internal rotation ≤20°n=9/19n=10/1953.79 (20.96 to 138.08)25.21 (7.89 to 80.58)
Referent group: hips not having both conditionsn=1363/1392n=29/1392
  • All p values for OR are <0.0001.

  • *Adjusted OR are corrected for Kellgren and Lawrence grade, age, body mass index and sex at baseline.