Table 1

Demographic characteristics of 11 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Total: 11 patients with RA (%)
Gender, female n (%)11 (100)
Age, mean (SD)54.18±13.24
 RF positive n (%)9 (81.8)
 ACPA positive n (%)9 (81.8)
Disease duration (years), mean (SD)14.20±6.42
Baseline DAS28, mean (SD)5.45±1.13
Time under Ifx therapy in years, mean (SD)8.00±2.75
ATI duration in years, mean (SD)1.1±0.91
Concomitant treatment
 MTX alone3 (27.2)
 OD1 (9.0)
 MTX+OD6 (54.8)
 Ifx monotherapy1 (9.0)
  • ACPA, Anticitrullinated protein antibody; ATI, antibodies to infliximab; DAS28, Disease Activity Score 28; Ifx, infliximab; MTX, Methotrexate; OD, Other DMARDs; RF, Rheumatoid Factor.