Table 1

Description of databases used in the validation of the DAS28-based flare criteria

DatabaseNo of ptsStudy designStudy populationInterventionFollow-upInclusion inanalysisWhich assessments:Flare definition
151Longitudinal cohort- RA patients - >6 Months stable low DAS28 and treatmentDown-titration of infliximab dose1 year- All patients (n=51)- The first six observations per patient- No intra individual interval variation between assessments- DAS28 increase ≥1.2 on two subsequent visits, if DAS28>3.2, increase in DAS28≥0.6- Physician's judgement
2147Observational and dynamic cohort- RA patients - Treated withIFX for >6 monthsNoneData collection during 1.5 year- Patients with a DAS28≤3.2 at visit 3 (n=72)- Visits at 4–6 months - Intraindividual interval change was allowed- Not predefined- Based on physician's judgement -Treatment goal DAS28<3.2
3744 (of 3612)Observational and dynamic cohort- Patients with rheumatic diseases- Starting with synthetic/biologic DMARDsAt t=0 DMARD or biologic initiationAt 0, 3, 6, 12 months, then yearly- RA patients- DAS28>3.2 at entry database- At month 3 transition scale ‘improved’/‘much improved’ (n=744)- Visit at months 3 and 6- Not predefined- Based on physician's judgement - Treatment goal DAS28<3.2
  • DAS28, Disease Activity Score 28; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; IFX, infliximab.