Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the EGPA cohort

Baseline characteristics at referraln=150
Age at diagnosis (years)49.1±1.18
Months between disease onset and diagnosis49.7±6.1
Months between manifestation of asthma and diagnosis111.6±10.8
Five Factor Score1 (range 0–3)
Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score6.0 (range 0–41)
Disease Extent Index2.5 (0–5)
Vasculitis Damage Index1 (0–5)
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) (mm first h)24.4±1.89
C-reactive protein (CRP) (mg/dl)2.5±0.77
Creatine (mg/dl)0.9±0.02
Leucocyte count (/nl)10.6±0.43
Eosinophils (%)7.6±0.94
Eosinophils (/nl)1.1±0.23
ANCA+45 (30%)
Asthma bronchiale139 (92.7%)
Blood eosinophilia >10%134 (89.3%)
Mononeuropathy or polyneuropathy115 (76.7%)
None fixed pulmonary infiltrates87 (58%)
Paranasal sinus abnormalities115 (76.7%)
Histology available122 (81.3%)
Tissue eosinophilia94 (63%)
Small vessel vasculitis80 (53%)
Extravascular granulomas24 (16%)
  • Patients were allocated to the ANCA-positive group if at any time during the course of his disease including the time before referral a positive test was documented. Numbers are given either as mean±SD (as median and range) or as absolute number and percentage of the whole cohort.