Table 2

Frequency of absenteeism, impairment in work or in functioning in all arthralgia patients as well as separated for short and prolonged patient delay and for patients with and without arthritis

Patient delayArthritis at examination
All arthralgia patients<4 weeks>4 weeksPresentAbsent
Do you have a (paid) job (% yes)64.367.
If so, have you missed work/have you been absent from work due to your symptoms? (% yes)23.936.314.4*28.220.7
If so, did you have functional impairment at work due to your symptoms? (% yes)63.169.755.6*67.460.1
Have you been impaired in your daily functioning due to your symptoms? (% yes)61.771.153.6*66.358.3
  • *p Value<0.05.