Table 2

Cut-offs used in AMDF

MeasureCut point 1Cut point 2Cut point 3
Swollen joint count (0–66)*135
Tender joint count (0–68)*258
VAS patient global (0–100)*153050
VAS patient skin (0–100)†103050
VAS patient joints (0–100)†103050
HAQ (0–3)*
PASI (0–72)†3.59.515.0
PsAQoL (0–20)†3711
  • Cut point 1 between remission and low disease activity. Cut point 2 between low disease activity and moderate disease activity. Cut point 3 between moderate disease activity and high disease activity.

  • *Indicates cut-offs obtained in development of minimal disease activity criteria.

  • †Indicates cut-offs obtained for the current study.

  • HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; PASI, psoriasis area and severity index.