TableĀ 3

SIE rate before and after treatment with subsequent biologics, including TNF inhibitors

All patients receiving any biologic following rituximab treatment (n=314)Subset of patients receiving a TNF inhibitor following rituximab treatment (n=258)
Before other biologicAfter other biologicBefore TNF inhibitorAfter TNF inhibitor
Total exposure (pt-years)503.77402.50398.20329.66
SIEs, n26172113
SIEs/100 pt-years (95% CI)5.16 (3.51 to 7.58)4.22 (2.63 to 6.79)5.27 (3.44 to 8.09)3.94 (2.29 to 6.79)
  • pt-year, patient-year; SIE, serious infection event; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.