Table 3

Prediction of the US7 erosion sum score in GSUS after 12 months

At baselineRegressions coefficient ß±SD95% CIp Value
US7 synovitis sum score in GSUS0.140±0.0380.066 to 0.215p<0.001
US7 synovitis score in PDUS0.099±0.051−0.001 to 0.200p=0.053
US7 tenosynovitis/paratenonitis scores in GSUS0.167±0.111−0.051 to 0.385p=0.132
US7 tenosynovitis/paratenonitis scores in PDUS0.068±0.127−0.182 to 0.318p=0.594
US7 erosion sum score in GSUS0.844±0.0260.793 to 0.895p<0.001
DAS280.621±0.1410.345 to 0.898p<0.001
ESR0.008±0.010−0.011 to 0.027p=0.399
CRP0.001±0.009−0.017 to 0.018p=0.945
RF−2.167±0.000.00 to 0.00p=0.631
APCA6.392±0.00−0.001 to 0.001p=0.891
  • ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; GSUS, grey-scale ultrasound; PDUS, power Doppler ultrasound; RF, Rheumatoid factor; US, ultrasound.