Table 3

Adjusted likelihood of patients in DAS28 remission being excluded from one of the new sets of criteria. Results of multivariate logistic regression analyses

Likelihood of not achievingLikelihood of not achieving
Boolean remissionSDAI remission
OR95% CIpOR95% CIp
Disease duration (per year increase)1.031.01 to 1.050.0031.021.00 to 1.030.014
Pain (per unit increase, 0–10)2.542.24 to 2.88<0.0011.971.79 to 2.17<0.001
Fatigue (per unit increase, 0–10)1.231.13 to 1.33<0.0011.171.10 to 1.25<0.001
Degenerative spine disease2.291.31 to 4.020.0041.781.19 to 2.670.005
Age (per 10 years increase)1.151.05 to 1.260.004
Male gender1.421.06 to 1.910.018
Positive rheumatoid factor1.671.31 to 2.14<0.001
Morning stiffness (per 15 min increase)1.091.01 to 1.180.029
FFbH (per 10 unit increase)1.181.28 to 1.07<0.001
  • DAS28, 28-joint count Disease Activity Score; FFbH, Hannover Functional Status Questionnaire; SDAI, Simplified Disease Activity Index.