Table 1

Baseline demographic and disease characteristics

ADA/MTX (n=87)PBO/MTX (n=85)p Value
Female, n (%)61 (70.1)57 (67.1)0.67
Age, mean±SD years47.2±12.1252.5±14.340.009
Disease duration, months±SD1.8±2.091.6±1.70.57
Disease duration <4 months in days, n (%)76.0 (87.4)73.0 (85.9)0.96
IgM RF positive, n (%)55 (63.2)59 (69.4)0.51
ACPA positive, n (%)46 (52.9)45 (52.9)0.88
DAS28, mean±SD6.2±0.86.3±0.90.60
TJC 0–28, mean±SD13.0±6.513.1±5.90.61
SJC 0–28, mean±SD10.2±5.010.7±4.50.61
TJC 0–68, mean±SD20.9±1219.4±10.60.38
SJC 0–66, mean±SD13.6±7.114.0±6.90.76
ESR in mm/in first hour median (IQR)33 (29–45)36 (29–55)0.33
CRP in mg/l, median (IQR)12 (6–37)17 (7–34)0.46
Patient's assessment of pain, 100 mm VAS, mean±SD62.3±18.860.9±18.60.59
Patient's global assessment of disease activity, 100 mm VAS, mean±SD63.1±18.261.8±18.20.40
Physician's global assessment of disease activity, 100 mm VAS, mean±SD62.4±1365.2±13.80.21
HAQ-DI score, 1–3 scale, mean±SD1.4±0.611.3±0.620.49
SF-36 mental score, mean±SD46.7±9.945.2±10.20.34
SF-36 physical score, mean±SD28.3±7.731.7±8.30.010
Patients with complete radiographic data, n5147
Total SHS, 0–448 scale, mean±SD6.3±5.011.4±14.80.19
SHS erosion score, 0–280 scale, mean±SD2.2±3.04.4±8.70.62
SHS joint space narrowing score, 0–168 scale, mean±SD4.1±3.67.0±7.30.047
Ratingen score, 0–190 scale, mean±SD1.7±2.12.8±5.00.75
  • ACPA, anti-citrullinated protein antibodies; ADA, adalimumab; CRP, C reactive protein; DAS28, Disease Activity Score in 28 joints; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index, German version; MTX, methotrexate; PBO, placebo; RF, rheumatoid factor; SF-36, Short-Form Health Survey with 36 questions; SHS, modified Sharp/van der Heijde Score; SJC, swollen joint count; TJC, tender joint count; VAS, visual analogue scale.