TableĀ 6

Future research agenda

Research agenda
1Further evaluation of the specific joints to be assessed, timing of assessment(s) and the evaluation system to be employed in order to optimise the role of modern imaging modalities in diagnosis, prognosis and outcome measurement of RA
2To assess algorithms using established and modern imaging modalities to examine their cost-effectiveness in clinical practice diagnosis, prognosis and outcome measurement of RA
3To elucidate further the importance of subclinical (imaging-alone detected) inflammation, including synovitis, bone marrow oedema and tenosynovitis, especially in low disease activity states and to define key thresholds to guide intervention
4To assess further the importance of imaging, in particular MRI and ultrasound, in the evaluation of damage, including joint space narrowing and cartilage loss
5Assessing the feasibility, costs and appropriate training required to use ultrasound and MRI in clinical practice
  • RA, rheumatoid arthritis.