Table 6

Permutation results for osteoarthritis–height (p value threshold 0.05) and osteoarthritis–BMI overlap (p value threshold 0.001)

Osteoarthritis–adult height comparisonOsteoarthritis–BMI comparison
All datar2 = 0.2r2 = 0.05All datar2 = 0.2r2 = 0.05
No of SNPs†48909863802277284617075527524599
p Value*02.62×10−73.04×10−506.41×10−51.24×10−5
Tested p value**3.30×10−65.33×10−61.10×10−36.19×10−112.91×10−42.25×10−4
No of permutations100000100000100000100000100000100000
Permutation p value0.0128<1×10−50.00140.003740.047160.02288
  • †Directly typed only analysed.

  • *p Value of original analysis.

  • **p Value of the overlap for directly typed SNPs only. This is the p value that the permutation analysis is tested against.

  • BMI, body mass index; SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphism.