Table 1

Overview of all participating studies

Study (stage)Reference articleStudy designEthnic originCountry of originMedicationAge/BMIMean age (y)No. of CWP casesNo. of CWP controls
Stage 1
 ERF study32Family based cohortCaucasianThe NetherlandsYY46.4149665
 RS-I33Population based cohortCaucasianThe NetherlandsYY69.45631892
 RS-II33Population based cohortCaucasianThe NetherlandsYY67.9110668
 RS-III33Population based cohortCaucasianThe NetherlandsYY56.385868
 TwinsUK34 35Twins based cohortCaucasianUKYY51.94011698
 Total no. of samples59.713085791
Stage 2a
 1958BC23 36–38Prospective birth cohortCaucasianUKNY (born in 1958)NA3152206
 AGES43Population based cohortCaucasianIcelandYY76.51731204
 DSDBAC41Population based cohortCaucasianUKYAge only80.181219
 FOA44Population based cohortCaucasianUSAYY59.3384814
 GARP45Case control basedCaucasianThe NetherlandsYY58.567925*
 SHIP46 47Population based cohortCaucasianGermanyYY57.6183589
Stage 2b
 CHINGFORD39 40Population based cohortCaucasianUKYY56.648337
 EPIFUND20Population based cohortCaucasianUKNAge only49.0139503
 HCS42Population based cohortCaucasianUKYY66.4902117
 Total no. of samples14807989
  • *GARP consists of clinical and radiographically confirmed osteoarthritis case only; therefore we used 925 randomly chosen Rotterdam Study samples as controls.

  • Age/BMI Y, age and BMI data are available; Age only, no BMI data are available; AGES, Age, Gene/Environment Susceptibility study Reykjavik; BMI, body mass index; CWP, chronic widespread pain; CHINGFORD, Chingford 1000 Women Study; DSDBAC, Dyne Steel DNA Bank for Ageing and Cognition; ERF study, Erasmus Rucpen Family study; EPIFUND, EPIdemiological study of FUNctional Disorders study; HCS, Hertfordshire Cohort Study; FOA, Framingham Osteoarthritis Study; GARP, Genetics OsteoArthritis and Progression study Leiden; Medication Y, information about medication use available; Medication N, medication use not available; RS, Rotterdam Study; SHIP, Study of Health In Pomerania; TwinsUK, the UK Adult Twin Registry; 1958BC, 1958 Birth Cohort.