Table 3

Results of hierarchical multiple regression analyses. For the model, the total adjusted R2 was 95.1%

VariableCoefficientStd errortIndividual contribution to R2 (%)
√Physician global VAS0.1800.00823.67.7
√Patient global VAS0.1590.00721.36.3
LN (Dactylitis count+1)0.3770.03710.21.4
LN (Leeds Enthesitis Count+1)0.2300.0297.90.9
LN (CRP+1)0.1020.0128.31.0
LN (Swollen joint count+1)0.1010.0185.50.4
LN (Tender joint count+1)0.0480.0162.90.1
  • All t values were significant, apart from SF-36 MCS.

  • CRP, C-reactive protein (mg/l); LN, log normal; MCS, mental component scale of SF36; PCS, physical component scale of SF36; VAS, visual analog score (100 mm).