TableĀ 5

Recommendation 10: Summary of included studies describing outcome in the presence of image-detected inflammation in clinical remission

Article year (reference)No. of subjectsDuration of follow-up (months)Baseline assessment modalityOutcome parameter assessedResults
200812710212Ultrasound SH, PD synovitisCR progression (Genant score)SH: OR 2.31, p 0.032
PD synovitis: OR 12.21, p<0.001
MRI synovitisOR 2.98, p 0.002
20111289412Ultrasound SH, PD synovitis, remissions (no SH or PD synovitis)Relapse rate% patients having flare: in ultrasound remission: 20.0%
With ultrasound PD activity: 47.1%, p 0.009
200912910624Ultrasound joint count, PD synovitisRelapse rateUnsustained remission vs sustained remission: higher PD: OR 12.8, p<0.05
Higher ultrasound joint count: OR 4.6, p<0.05
20051303212Ultrasound RIRelapse rateRelapse rate higher with low RI
se 0.80, sp 1.0, acc 0.96, p<0.01
200713116924Sustained ACR/DAS remissionCR progression (Larsen score)Increase in Larsen score in (unsustained vs sustained): ACR remission: p 0.017
DAS remission: p<0.001
200413218724Sustained ACR/DAS remissionCR progression (SHS)Increase in SHS score in (unsustained vs sustained): ACR remission: p 0.053
DAS remission: p 0.017
201213353524Remission according to DAS, SDAI, CDAI, ACR/EULARCR progression (SHS)% patients with CR progression with baseline remission:
DAS: 30%
SDAI: 24%
CDAI: 19%
  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; CDAI, clinical disease activity index; CR, conventional radiography; DAS, disease activity score; EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism; PD, power Doppler; RI, resistive index; SDAI, simplified disease activity index; SH, synovial hypertrophy; SHS, Sharp/van der Heijde score.