Table 2

Efficacy of rituximab on the various predominant organ involvements

Before rituximabAfter rituximab
Systemic organ involvement74Systemic efficacy44 (59%)
 Articular2717 (63%)
 Nervous system188 (44%)
  CNS62 (33%)
   Multiple sclerosis-like manifestations40
   Transverse myelitis11
  PNS126 (50%)
   Mixed sensorimotor polyneuropathy63
   Sensory painful neuropathy (including sensory ataxic neuropathy)42
   Mononeuritis multiplex21
 Pulmonary97 (78%)
 Vasculitis85 (62.5%)
 Renal65 (83.3%)
 Muscular30 (0%)
 Haematological22 (100%)
 Autoimmune pancreatitis11 (100%)
Glandular involvement4Glandular efficacy2 (50%)
 Hypertrophy of lachrymal glands10
 Sclera vasculitis10
 parotid hypertrophy22
ESSDAI before rituximab (n=72)11.0 (2–31)ESSDAI after rituximab (n=72)7.5 (0–26)
Corticosteroids (mg/day) (n=29)17.6Corticosteroids after rituximab (n=23)10.8
  • Results are expressed as n (%).

  • CNS, central nervous system; ESSDAI, European Sjögren's syndrome disease activity index; PNS, peripheral nervous system.