Table 2

Inflammatory Back Pain (IBP) Case Definition Criteria

IBP CriterionARQ Item(s)Calin et alESSGBerlin Set 8aBerlin Set 7b
Spinal Pain LocationARQ010;ARQ020“Back”Neck/Dorsal/BackLow BackLow Back
Current AgeRIDAGEYRAny AgeAny Age<50 years<50 years
Duration of Back Pain (3 months)ARQ024
“Insidious” Onset of Back PainARQ025
Age-at-Onset Back Pain (years)ARQ023<40<45<30
Morning Stiffness > 30 MinutesARQ040**
Pain Improves with Exercise or ActivityARQ080
Pain Improves with Activity/Not with RestARQ060;ARQ080
Pain Awakens 2nd Half of NightARQ073;ARQ077
Alternating Buttock PainARQ100
  • Abbreviations: ARQ = Arthritis questionnaire; √ or text in gray highlight = mandatory IBP case definition criteria;

  • ESSG: European Spondyloarthritis Study Group;

  • Berlin Criteria Sets= from Rudwaleit et al. [4].

  • * Duration of AM Stiffness not specified in Calin and ESSG criteria.