TableĀ 2

Multivariate analysis of microscopic gut inflammation in axial SpA

Model variableORCIp Value
Age0.850.75 to 0.970.013
Sex, male8.901.18 to 67.370.035
BASMI1.941.18 to 3.190.009
BASDAI2.051.06 to 3.950.032
Presence or history of enthesitis0.320.04 to 2.400.27
Nagelkerke RĀ²0.52
TPR and TNR81.8% and 78.3%
  • Statistically significant p values are given in bold.

  • BASDAI, the Disease Activity Index; BASMI, Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Metrology Index; ROC-AUC, Receiver Operating Characteristic-Area Under the Curve; TNR, True negative rate, specificity; TPR, True positive rate, sensitivity.