Table 1

Demographics, laboratory and clinical characteristics of participants

Controls (n=44)pSS (n=69)
Demographic characteristics
 Female, n (%)40/44 (91)62/69 (90)
 Mean age (years)51±1558±13
Disease duration (years)10.8±7.7
2002 American–European criteria4.2±0.4
Sjögren manifestations, n (%)
 Ocular symptoms69/69 (100)
 Oral symptoms66/69 (96)
 Positive ocular tests53/69 (77)
 Positive histopathology39/69 (57)
 Positive salivary gland tests2/69 (3)
 Anti-SSA58/69 (84)
 Anti-Ro5254/56 (96)
 Anti-Ro6047/56 (84)
 Anti-SSB38/69 (55)
  • 2002 American–European criteria: number of criteria fulfilled out of the six criteria items.

  • Positive histopathology: focus score ≥1, defined as a number of lymphocytic foci containing more than 50 lymphocytes per 4 mm2.

  • Positive salivary gland tests: sialography showing the presence of diffuse sialectasias or salivary scintigraphy showing delayed uptake, reduced concentration and/or delayed excretion of tracer.

  • pSS, primary Sjögren's syndrome.