Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the patients with SLE included in the serum study

CharacteristicsBelgian population (n=27)Dutch population (n=60)
Age (mean year±SD)28.7±9.942.8±10.7
Active lupus nephritis (n)180
Arthritis, >2 swollen joints at baseline (n)70
SLEDAI, median (IQR)
 Patients without nephritis6 (4–10)4 (2–4)
 Patients with nephritis at baseline23 (20–25)
 Patients with nephritis at 3 months6 (4–10)
Serum C3 (mg/dl), mean±SEM
 Patients without nephritis82.7±8.390.5±3.1
 Patients with nephritis at baseline42.7±5.7
Serum anti-dsDNA Ab titres by Farr assay (U/ml), mean±SEM
 Non-nephritis patients39.8±18.672.6±25.8
 Patients with nephritis718±119
Steroids and other immunosuppressive treatments
 Oral steroids (mg), n (mean dose)031 (6.0)
 Azathioprine (mg), n (mean dose)019 (90.7)
  • Ab, antibody; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SLEDAI, SLE Disease Activity Index.