Table 2

GMTs and fold increases of HI antibodies for three influenza strains in the RA treatment groups prior to and after influenza vaccination

MTX group (n=65)TCZ+MTX group (n=49)TCZ group (n=62)RA control group (n=18)p Values between treatment groups
  Before31.7 (16.1–47.2)59.5 (19.9–99.1)62.0 (25.4–125.4)15.3 (8.3–22.3)NS
  After120.5 (75.3–165.6)*162.1 (86–238.2)**211.7 (142–281.4)*169.4 (11.5–327.4)*NS
  Before37.9 (15.5–60.4)42.6 (25.2–59.9)55.2 (31.8–78.7)36.9 (11.9–62.0)NS
  After120.2 (80.2–160.2)*140.7 (82–199.4)***237.8 (169.1–306.5)*93.9 (54.1–133.6)**0.009 (M vs T)
  Before45.5 (30.2–60.7)43.2 (29.8–56.5)72.1 (53.3–90.9)23.9 (12.2–35.6)0.017 (T vs C)
  After103.1 (74.9–131.3)*105.1 (69.4–140.8)*161.8 (123.8–144)*68.9 (45.7–92.1)*0.044 (M vs T)
0.031 (T vs C)
Fold increase
 A/H1N112.6 (5.8–19.5)14.5 (7.2–21.9)12.0 (9.8–17.7)11.2 (3.0–19.4)NS
 A/H3N29.6 (5–14.2)9.9 (5.2–14.6)12.0 (6.6–17.3)5.3 (2.7–8.0)NS
 B/B13.5 (2.5–4.4)5.4 (2.4–8.3)5.0 (3.3–5.7)5.8 (3.1–8.4)NS
  • Data are expressed as the mean (95% CIs). Differences between prevaccination and postvaccination GMTs were assessed using the paired-sample t test. Comparisons between the four treatment groups were performed by post hoc ANOVA using Tukey's HSD test.

  • *p<0.0001, **p=0.009 and ***p=0.001 based on comparisons with prevaccination titres.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; C, RA control group; GMT, geometric mean titre; HI, haemagglutination inhibition; HSD, honestly significant difference; M, MTX group; MTX, methotrexate; NS, not significant; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; T, TCZ group; TCZ, tocilizumab.