Table 2

Predictive validity of different remission definitions for no functional disability and absence of PDPS over 1 year

In remissionNot in remissionLR+ (95% CI)p Value
Functional outcome
 DAS<1.645/6229/722.14 (1.37 to 3.33)<0.001
 DAS28<2.640/5034/843.24 (1.77 to 5.93)<0.0001
 DAS28<2.017/1957/1156.89 (1.65 to 28.6)0.001
 SDAI≤3.318/2156/1134.86 (1.50 to 15.73)0.002
 ACR/EULAR14/1660/1185.67 (1.34 to 24.00)0.005
Ultrasonographic outcome
 DAS<1.625/5827/661.04 (0.71 to 1.53)0.80
 DAS28<2.624/4428/801.66 (1.03 to 2.66)0.03
 DAS28<2.011/1741/1072.53 (1.00 to 6.42)0.04
 SDAI≤3.314/1738/1076.46 (1.95 to 21.34)0.0003
 ACR/EULAR11/1441/1105.07 (1.49 to 17.29)0.003
  • Functional outcome: HAQ persistently 0.5 or less during follow-up and a change in HAQ of 0 or less during follow up.

  • Ultrasonographic outcome: absence of PDPS throughout the follow-up. In the fractions, numerators refer to the number of patients achieving the outcome, denominators refer to the number of patients in that category (remission or not remission).

  • ACR/EULAR, American College of Rheumatology/European League Against Rheumatism; DAS, disease activity score; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; LR+, positive likelihood ratio; PDPS, power Doppler-positive synovitis; SDAI, simplified disease activity index.