Table 1

Study Sample for the NHANES 2009-10 U.S. Inflammatory Back Pain Survey

Total Study Sample5103100.00Total Axial Pain Sample*980100.0
 Current Pain87389.1
Age Groups No Current Pain10710.9
 20-35 Years164932.3Age-at-Onset of Pain
 30-49 years153930.2 < 20 Years16416.8
 50-69 Years191537.5 20-29 Years24725.3
 30-44 Years30631.4
Gender 45+ Years25826.5
 Males247248.4Duration of Pain
 Females263151.6 < 1 Year505.2
 1-2 Years15416.0
Race/Ethnicity Subgroups 3-10 Years34335.7
 Mexican-Americans102420.1 > 10 Years41543.1
 Other Hispanics57611.3Temporal Pattern of Pain
 Non-Hispanic Whites224444.0 Constant, never goes away66067.5
 Non-Hispanic Blacks96318.9 Episodic, no relief > 1 mo17818.2
 All Others2965.8 Episodic, pain relief > 1 mo12312.6
 One pain episode only171.7
  • * Axial pain variable= survey participants with a prior episode of neck, upper, mid or low back, or buttocks pain for 3 months or more

  • Subgroup totals for pain age at onset, duration, and temporal pattern are reduced by item non-response.