Table 2

Summary of strategies for early identification and referral of patients with inflammatory arthritis

1. From patients at symptom onset to primary care
 Community case finding strategies
 Health fair – joint examination22 23+
 Health fair – questionnaire+autoantibody testing22 23+
 Self administered hand test24
 Internet and website information29 30
2. From primary care to rheumatology referral
 PCP and health professional education programmes3139++
 Self administered questionnaires4045+
3. From rheumatology referral to assessment
 Triage of referrals5458+
 Referral forms59 60+
 Triage+referral forms61 62++
 Triage clinics63+
 Early arthritis clinics72 73++
 Rapid access services6567 69++
  • Not shown to be effective (−), improves identification of patients with IA/RA (+), increases referrals or reduces referral delay to rheumatology (++).