Table 3

Estimated Prevalence of Inflammatory Back Pain in U.S. Adults 2009-10

Inflammatory Back Pain (IBP) Case Criteria
Calin et al. 1977ESSG 1991Berlin Set 8aBerlin Set 7b
Nn%95% CIN%95% CIN*n%95% CIn%95% CI
Overall US Prevalence51032465.04.2-5.82745.64.7-6.531881935.85.2-6.41956.04.9-7.1
Age Group
 20-35 Years1649855.03.6-6.4855.03.6-6.41649754.83.6-6.0946.24.5-7.9
 36-49 Years1539915.94.8-7.01056.85.8-7.815391186.85.7-7.91015.94.5-7.3
 50-69 Years1915704.12.7-5.5845.03.3-6.7n.a.
Race / Ethnicity Groups
 Non-Hispanic Whites22441475.94.9-6.91606.55.4-7.614121096.65.7-7.51157.25.9-85
 Non-Hispanic Blacks963313.3£1.8-4.8384.1£2.2-6.0558305.52.8-8.2285.13.1-7.1
  • Abbreviations: N=total population sampled; n=number of Inflammatory Back Pain cases; %= Prevalence; 95% CI=95% confidence interval; ESSG= European Spondyloarthritis Study Group; Berlin 8a, 7b= Inflammatory Back Pain Classification Criteria from Rudwaleit et al. [4].

  • * Berlin Criteria 8a, 7b apply only to adults 20-49 years of age (N=3188).

  • Estimates age adjusted to the U.S. 2000 civilian population; for race/ethnicity, only data for the major U.S. subgroups is shown.

  • £ IBP prevalence significantly lower than Non-Hispanic whites; p ≤ .05.