Table 2

Number of flares after treatment withdrawal of patients with high and low values of the dichotomised biomarkers

S100A12MRP8/14*hsCRPS100A12 or hsCRPMRP8/14 or hsCRP
<175 ng/ml≥175 ng/ml<690 ng/ml≥690 ng/ml<0.3 mg/dl≥0.3 mg/dlS100A12 <175 ng/ml and hsCRP <0.3 mg/dlS100A12 ≥175 ng/ml or hsCRP ≥0.3 mg/dlMRP8/14 <690 ng/ml and hsCRP <0.3 mg/dlMRP8/14 ≥690 ng/ml or hsCRP ≥0.3 mg/dl
Number of patients1503811375159271325410185
Number of flares within 0–3 months510213104311113
Number of flares within 0–6 months1916132223111222826
Number of flares within 0–12 months45233137521536312443
Number of flares after 12 months22214102222041311
Overall number of flares67254547741756353754
  • * Some of the data on MRP8/14 have been previously reported.7

  • hsCRP, high-sensitivity C reactive protein.