Table 2

Predictive clinical baseline factors for successful down-titration

Predictive factorOR95% CIPseudo R2Prob>χ2
RF (negative/positive)1.30.30 to 5.570.00180.72
Anti-CCP (negative/positive)0.70.16 to 3.180.00350.64
Age (years)1.00.95 to 1.050.00000.98
Sex (male/female)1.10.36 to 3.510.00070.83
Smoking (no/yes)5.30.59 to 46.60.04540.08
Disease duration (years)0.90.86 to 1.010.03920.10
DAS28 at start0.60.26 to 1.210.03450.12
Duration of infliximab therapy (years)0.90.73 to 1.150.00810.46
Methotrexate use (no/yes)1.30.40 to 4.380.00290.65
DMARD use (no/yes)1.00.25 to 4.280.00000.95
Patient's belief on successful down-titration (no/yes)2.40.71 to 7.760.02920.16
  • Anti-CCP, anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide; DAS28, 28-joint disease activity score; DMARD, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, RF, rheumatoid factor.