Table 3

Studies on cardiovascular (CV) death rate in arthritis inception cohorts

Author, year (ref.)Population studiedCriteria to enter cohortRA patientsControlsInclusion in relation to symptom onsetFollow-upResults
CV death
Franklin, 201035Norfolk Arthritis Register, UKIP: ≥2 swollen joints ≥4 weeks. Exclusion if not RA800Norfolk populationMedian 7.0 years (IQR 5.8–8.1)No increase in SMR for CV disease in RA patients or in subgroups by sex or RF status
Naz, 200821Norfolk Arthritis Register, UKIP: ≥2 swollen joints ≥4 weeks. Patients were later required to meet the ACR criteria1098 (267 RF-positive)Norfolk populationMedian delay from symptom onset 5 months5 and 10 years after disease onset. Median duration of follow-up 11.4 years5-year SMR for CV disease was 1.93, 10-year SMR 2.00 in RF+ patients. In the whole follow-up, SMR for CV disease mortality was 1.25 for the whole population
Young, 200791The early RA study inception cohort, multicentre, UKRA symptoms <2 years, no prior treatment1429Age- and sex-matched populationRA symptoms <2 years, median 6 monthsUp to 19 years, median 9.1 yearsSMR was 1.27 for all-causes and 1.49 for CHD. Mortality was increased, driven by CHD, in the first 7 years of RA. RF was a predictor for death
Goodson, 200590Patients at Stockport rheumatology clinics in Manchester, UKClinical diagnosis by a rheumatologist1010; 515 for CV admissionsPopulation of Stockport6–22 years, median 11.4 yearsSMR in CV disease was 1.36 for men and 1.93 for women. SMRs were higher in the RF+. No difference in CV admission rates was observed
Goodson, 200220Norfolk Arthritis Register, UKIP: ≥2 swollen joints ≥4 weeks. Exclusion if not RA1236 (320 RF positive)Norfolk populationMedian delay from symptom onset 6.2 months5–10 years, median 6.9 yearsSMR for CV disease among RF+ women was 2.02, no other significances
  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; CHD, coronary heart disease; CV, cardiovascular; DMARD, disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; IP, inflammatory polyarthritis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; RF, rheumatoid factor; SMR, standardised mortality ratio.