Table 1

Characteristics of the 14 studies included in the meta-analysis to assess the risk of new cardiovascular events in patients with RA

Author (year)CountryNMean disease duration at entry (years)Person-years at riskEnrolment periodCVD events (n)CVD includedSample typeInception cohortSubjects' mean age at entry (years)Female (%)RA definitionOutcome ascertainmentQuality score
Gabriel et al (1999)*USA4500 (@)NAV1965–1995113AMI, CVA, CHFCommunity-basedYes64.174ARAMR14
Del Rincón et al (2001)USA23410 (#)252199615AMI, CVAClinic-basedNo5662.3ACRMR10
Watson et al (2003)UK11 633NAVNAV1987 to last encounter807AMI, CVACommunity-basedNoNAV70ICD-9 codes9
Solomon et al (2003)USA407NAV62591978–199624AMI, CVACommunity-basedYes58100ACRMR14
Turesson et al (2004)Sweden1022NAV2300199754AMI, CVACommunity-basedNoNAV74ACRICD-9/10 codes7
Fischer et al (2004)UK208NAVNAV1995–2002208AMICommunity-basedNoNAV62Read codesRead codes11
Goodson et al (2005)UK515NAV31731981–1996134AMI, CVAClinic-basedYes56.272Rheumatologist's opinionICD-9 codes9
Maradit-Kremers et al (2005)*USA6030 (@)86721955–199540AMICommunity-basedYes5873ACRMR14
Nicola et al (2005)*USA5750 (@)81071955–1995575CHFCommunity-basedYes57.173ACRFramingham criteria14
Solomon et al (2006)Canada24 413NAV68 5251999–2003828AMI, CVACommunity-basedNoNAV74ICD-9 codesICD-9/10 codes8
Södergren et al (2007)Sweden640NAVNAV197935AMIClinic-basedNoNAV68Seropositive RAMONICA definition8
Nadareishvili et al (2008)USA226NAVNAV1999–2006226CVACommunity-basedNoNAV87Rheumatologist's opinionMR7
Bergström et al (2009)
 1978 cohortSweden14813.91184197831AMICommunity-basedNo46.379ARAICD-8,9,10 codes10
 1995 cohortSweden16113.31288199537CVA48.378ARA
Peters et al (2009)Netherlands31278482001–200228CVDClinic-basedNo6365ACRMR10
  • * Studies from the same cohort.

  • Case–control study.

  • Study with two cohorts.

  • # Disease duration not mentioned, but from the article we inferred at least 10 years.

  • @ Inception cohort, we assumed time 0 to entry cohort.

  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; AMI, acute myocardial infarction; ARA, American Rheumatology Association; CHF, congestive heart failure; CVA, cerebrovascular accidents; CVD, cardiovascular disease; ICD, International Classification for Diseases; MONICA, multinational MONItoring of trends and determinants in CArdiovascular disease; MR, medical record; NAV, not available; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.