Table 2

RR of incident psoriatic arthritis by body mass index among patients with psoriasis

Body mass index (kg/m2)
<25.025.0–29.930.0–34.9≥35.0p For trend
Cases of psoriatic arthritis, N300341197138
Incidence rate/10 000 person-years23.1(20.6–25.9)25.4(22.8–28.2)29.3(25.4–33.7)38.0(32.0–44.9)<0.001
Age- and sex-adjusted RR (95% CI)1.00(reference)1.10(0.94–1.29)1.24(1.03–1.49)1.52(1.24–1.86)<0.001
Multivariate RR (95% CI)*1.00(reference)1.09(0.93–1.28)1.22(1.02–1.47)1.48(1.20–1.81)<0.001
  • * The multivariate adjusted model includes age, sex, smoking status, alcohol consumption and history of trauma.