Table 3

The performance of remission criteria at baseline for the identification of patients without subsequent radiographic progression

Baseline remissionRemission at baseline and no progression (%)Not remission at baseline and no progression (%)SensitivitySpecificityLR+ (95% CI)Unadjusted OR (95% CI)
DAS28–CRP, n=10670580.240.841.5 (1.1 to 2.3)1.7 (1.1 to 2.7) p=0.02
SDAI, n=3776590.090.962.1 (1.0 to 4.4)2.2 (1.0 to 4.8) p=0.04
CDAI, n=2681590.070.982.8 (1.1 to 7.3)2.9 (1.1 to 7.9) p=0.03
ACR/EULAR, n=3080600.070.972.7 (1.1 to 6.2)2.7 (1.1 to 6.7) p=0.03
SJC 0, n=9378570.230.892.3 (1.4 to 3.6)2.6 (1.6 to 4.4) p<0.001
  • Sensitivity, specificity, positive likelihood ratios and logistic regression models, all with absence of progression as the outcome (good radiographic outcome, change in TSS <1 unit/year).

  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; CDAI, clinical disease activity index; DAS28–CRP, disease activity score based on 28 joint count and C-reactive protein; EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism; LR+, positive likelihood ratio; SDAI, simplified disease activity index; SJC, swollen joint count; TSS, van der Heijde modified Sharp score.