Table 2

Haplotypic association using the top three SNPs following serial step-wise logistic regression in each cohort is shown (see table 1 and table s8 in the online supplement for further details).

UKprotrs1269852rs3906272rs3129868GGG0.5240.7290.76040.370.31 to 0.443.72×10−281×10−4
Spanishprotrs3130490rs3129768rs3117213CAC0.5060.6880.68490.4430.36 to 0.552.22×10−131×10−4
Filipinoriskrs9271366rs2571391rs2507987GAT0.2730.0920.14853.452.24 to 5.335.69×10−111×10−4
  • F_A, haplotypic frequency in affected SLE cases; F_U, haplotypic frequency in unaffected controls; F_Uexp, expected haplotypic frequency calculated from minor allele frequency of SNPs in controls; NA, not applicable (unable to perform statistical analyses as frequencies too low); p, p value; pperm, permuted p value (10000 permutations); prot, haplotype comprising all three protective alleles; risk, haplotype comprising all three risk alleles; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism.