Table 2

Baseline data for familial Mediterranean fever patients

Ethnicity/country of residence
Patient number (%)M/FChildren/adultsCaucasianwestern EuropeTurks in TurkeyJews in IsraelArabs/Jews/Turks in WE*ArabsOther
Genetically confirmed304 (55)146/158249/55801182219/6/162419
Heterozygous172 (31) 81/91148/2492251515/3/499
Clinically suspected78 (14) 41/37 59/1932114 4/1/4148
  • * resident in western Europe.

  • including north Africans.

  • including north Africans and Arabs living in north Africa and in Arabian countries.

  • F, female; M, male; WE, Western Europe.