Table 1

Baseline characteristics of cohort members by history of gout (percentage or mean and SD) in the Singapore Chinese Health Study (1999–2009)

Gout (n=2117)No gout (n=50 205)p Value
Age (years) at follow-up I interview61.5±7.761.6±8.00.686
Body mass index (kg/m2)24.6±3.523.1±3.5<0.0001
Gender (%)<0.0001
Dialect (%)0.035
Level of education (%)<0.0001
 No formal education15.426.2
 Primary school (1–6 years)42.944.7
 Secondary and above41.729.1
History of stroke (%)
History of diabetes mellitus (%)
History of hypertension (%)62.838.2<0.0001
History of CHD (%)14.36.9<0.0001
Cigarette smoking (%)<0.0001
 Never smokers59.569.2
 Former smoker26.114.8
 Current smokers14.415.9
Alcohol (%)<0.0001
Weekly moderate activity (%)<0.0001
 0.5–3 h/week17.414.1
 4+ h/week10.88.1
Diet saturated fat density (g/day)16.4±7.915.7±8.1<0.0001
Diet cholesterol density (g/day)186.6 ± 104.1173.8±104.7<0.0001
  • CHD, coronary heart disease.