Table 1

Age-standardised baseline characteristics of study participants by smoking status, NHS II*

Smoking status
Age, mean (SD), years35.8 (4.7)37.0 (4.5)36.6 (4.6)
Body mass index, kg/m2, mean (SD)24.6 (5.3)24.6 (5.2)24.5 (5.1)
Alcohol intake, g/day, mean (SD)2.4 (4.9)4.3 (6.7)5.2 (9.0)
Vigorous physical activity, metabolic equivalent h/week, mean (SD)13.3 (21.9)15.2 (24.8)12.9 (22.2)
Postmenopausal (yes, %)
Personal history of chronic diseases (yes, %)
 Cardiovascular disease0.40.40.5
  • * Characteristics of participants at the beginning of follow-up (return date of the 1991 questionnaire). Values are means (SD) or percentages and are standardised to the age distribution of the study population.

  • Values are not age-adjusted.

  • NHS II, Nurses' Health Study II.