Table 1

Subject demographics and baseline disease characteristics (ITT population)

Subject characteristicsInfliximab plus methotrexate (n=56)Methotrexate (n=54)*
Male, n (%)27 (48.2)33 (61.1)
Female, n (%)29 (51.8)21 (38.9)
Mean age±SD, years40.1±12.342.3±10.5
White, n (%)52 (92.9)49 (90.7)
Asian, n (%)3 (5.4)5 (9.3)
Multiracial, n (%)1 (1.8)0 (0)
Mean BMI±SD, kg/m226.9±5.128.1±5.3
Mean duration of PsA±SD, years2.8±2.63.7±2.7
Mean swollen joint count±SD15.1±10.114.3±9.5
Mean tender joint count±SD21.1±13.320.1±11.2
Mean number of digits with dactylitis±SD3.3±4.23.1±4.2
Mean number of assessment sites with enthesitis±SD (MASES)2.4±3.02.7±2.8
Mean DAS28±SD5.16±1.15.07±1.2
Mean fatigue/tiredness score±SD, VAS rating55.7±22.053.0±17.4
Mean morning stiffness±SD, h1.46±0.871.13±0.58
Mean HAQ–DI score±SD1.54±0.621.49±0.66
Mean PASI±SD8.27±10.211.62±12.5
  • * Except for PASI score, where n=53.

  • BMI, body mass index; DAS28, disease activity score in 28 joints; HAQ–DI, health assessment questionnaire–disability index; ITT, intent to treat; MASES, Maastricht ankylosing spondylitis enthesitis score; PASI, psoriasis area and severity index; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; VAS, visual analogue scale.