Table 4

Concurrent association analyses for disease activity

Thompson joint scoreESR*
B(SE)p ValueB(SE)p Value
 RF positive1.7249(4.9709)0.730.1432(0.0271)<0.001
 Female sex–2.9064(5.1704)0.570.0450(0.0265)0.09
 Age, years–0.3802(0.1794)0.030.0041(0.0009)<0.001
Psychological distress
 Depressed mood 0/1§14.4978(4.5886)0.0020.0275(0.0181)0.13
 Depressed mood0.9313(0.7296)0.200.0051(0.0024)0.04
  • * Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and anxiety are logarithmically transformed.

  • Statistics of the final models are shown.

  • Time consists of 11 time points, numbered 0–10, measured at baseline and every 6 months up to 5 years.

  • § Depressed mood 0/1 is a dichotomous variable with 0 for zero scores and 1 for scores exceeding zero.

  • RF, rheumatoid factor.