Table 3

SJC28, CRP and change in TGSS in patients who attained normal CRP (CRP≤0.3 mg/dl) at 1 year or not. Data are shown as mean±SD for the three treatment arms. p Values denote differences among treatment groups (Kruskal–Wallis test)

CRP≤0.3 mg/dlCRP>0.3 mg/dl
TCZ 4813.1±3.80.12±0.090.4±1.21163.4±4.01.5±1.90.2±0.8
TCZ 81993.3±3.90.05±0.050.3±1.0183.0±3.61.3±1.40.3±0.9
p Value0.9790.00010.4490.0690.4710.015
  • CRP, C-reactive protein; SJC28, swollen joint count 28; TGSS, Genant-modified total Sharp score; TJC28, tender joint count 28, TCZ, tocilkizumab.