Table 1

Kellgren and Lawrence scores for osteoarthritis of the knee and the hip.

 No osteoarthritisNo features of osteoarthritisNo features of osteoarthritis
 DoubtfulDoubtful narrowing of joint space and possible osteophytic lippingPossible narrowing of joint space medially and possible osteophytes around the femoral head; or osteophytes alone
 MildDefinite osteophytes and possible narrowing of joint spaceDefinite narrowing of joint space inferiorly, definite osteophytes and slight sclerosis
 ModerateModerate multiple osteophytes, definite narrowing of joint space and some sclerosis and possible deformity of bone endsMarked narrowing of joint space, definite osteophytes, some sclerosis and cyst formation, and deformity of the femoral head and acetabulum
 SevereLarge osteophytes, marked narrowing of joint space, severe sclerosis and definite deformity of bone endsGross loss of joint space with sclerosis and cysts, marked deformity of femoral head and acetabulum and large osteophytes