Table 1

Characteristics of patients in the placebo arm and the pooled treatment arms of tocilizumab, at baseline and after 1 year (mean±SD, unless indicated otherwise)

Baseline (BL)1 Year
CharacteristicsBL PLBL TCZ1-yr PL1-yr TCZ
Age (years)50.3±12.352.5±11.5--
Disease duration (years)8.57±8.58.85±7.8--
Rheumatoid factor (% positive)83.781.8--
Swollen joint count (0–28)11.4±5.012.2±5.64.4±4.73.3±3.4**
Tender joint count (0–28)14.2±6.415.5±6.6*5.7±5.74.0±5.2***
Patient global (0–100 mm)61.3±22.059.8±23.337.5±23.231.4±23.5**
Evaluator global (0–100 mm)59.0±17.762.5±16.1*24.4±17.618.8±16.6**
Pain (0–100 mm)52.1±21.653.2±22.733.3±20.528.7±21.9**
C-reactive protein (mg/dl)2.0±2.32.3±2.61.4±1.70.5±1.2***
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (mm/h)44.4±23.546.4±24.933.8±22.013.5±15.8***
Disease activity score 28 (DAS28)6.3±0.86.5±0.9*4.2±1.32.9±1.4***
Simplified disease activity index (SDAI)39.6±12.042.3±13.2*17.7±12.012.8±10.3***
Clinical disease activity index (CDAI)37.6±11.340.0±12.416.3±11.312.3±10.0***
Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ)1.5±0.61.5±0.61.0±0.60.9±0.6
Genant-modified total Sharp score (TGSS)27.1±28.327.1±26.528.0±28.527.4±26.7
Change in TGSSNANA0.90±1.920.29±0.96
  • * p<0.05,

  • ** p<0.01,

  • *** p<0.001 (p values comparing the two baseline or 1-year treatment groups);

  • p<0.001 for comparison of PL with TCZ treatment; NA, not applicable.

  • PL, placebo; TCZ, tocilizumab.