Table 2

Comparison of clinical and laboratory profile of adult patients with dermatomyositis with anti-NXP2 Ab, anti-TIF1 Ab and anti-Mi-2 Ab*

p Values
Anti-NXP2-positiveAnti-TIF1-positiveAnti-Mi-2-positivevs Anti-TIF1vs Anti-Mi-2
Age at onset, mean (range)57 (23–68)59 (27–89)50 (16–67)NSNS
Sex (male:female)6:124:348:70.033NS
Skin eruptions
 Heliotrope rash716260NSNS
 Gottron's sign578187NSNS
 Perionychia erythema575760NSNS
 Nailfold punctuated haemorrhage574073NSNS
 Trunk erythema576253NSNS
Clinical features
 Muscle weakness1006993NSNS
 Raynaud's phenomenon090NSNS
Organ involvement
 Interstitial lung disease01313NSNS
 Internal malignancy within 3 years29667NSNS
Laboratory findings
 Elevated CK, %10063100NSNS
 Highest CK level, IU/l, mean (range)3857 (1539–26685)425 (40–8670)3934 (401–10000)<0.001NS
  • * Unless noted otherwise, values are percentages.

  • CK, creatine kinase.